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Re: Rental Management

gunnar wagner
- 04/28/2015 22:54:44
there might also be similar functionality in the hotel management (renting out rooms per day)
maybe that can be adjusted to your needs as well

It's a little unclear what is the ready-to-go version here. I think JayVora-SerpentCS's

On 4/29/2015 8:37 AM, Meng Choon Tan wrote:
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Hi Bharat,

You might like to look at the Fleet Management Module in Odoo8 and see it can be adapted for your requirement.

There is a Rental model within Fleet Management that tracks a vehicle's rental and contract.

-- Meng Choon

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On Wed, Apr 29, 2015 at 3:13 AM, Bharat Devnani <> wrote:
Dear Community Members,

Is there any module in V8 which support Rental Management which covers the mentioned concept:

Any products Purchased from suppliers. and those given on Rent to the customers for N number of days, for which the customer will be charged on daily basis.

Any pointers will be helpful.

Thanks & Regards,
Devnani Bharat R.

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