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Re: Stock Moves for In-Transit Location (same company, v7)

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 04/28/2015 02:21:03
On 28/04/2015 00:57, Ray Carnes wrote:
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I have a use case that I am having problems configuring Odoo to support:

Receive goods first into an InTransit location, with corresponding debits to "InTransit" (credit from Stock Input).
Receive goods second into a Stock location, with corresponding debits to "Stock" (credit from InTransit).

The purpose is to see a value of inventory assets onsite and offsite. 

1) Company creates a standard PO. (OK, Incoming QTY set correctly)
2) Company receives stock into In Transit location. (OK, )
3) Journal Entries created: Debit to "Stock Valuation - InTransit" via Credit from "Stock Input". (OK)
4) Company receives stock into Stock location. (OK)

This is where I can't work it out:

5) Journal Entries created: Debit to "Stock Valuation - Stock" via Credit from "Stock Valuation - InTransit"

I have setup 'Transit'  as an Internal Location, chained to Stock, manual, Getting Goods (child of stock) and have played with the way this is setup.

Has anyone done something similar?  Am I thinking about this the right way?


you may want to check stock_internal_transfer which was proposed to OCA recently (


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