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Kanban Qweb field.html

Alexander Boden
- 04/27/2015 16:33:40
Hi Community,

I have a fields.html which is pre-formatted html (img for static google maps api).

I want to display this image inline in my kanban view, but I am finding it impossible.
I get the html text, but it is not being parsed. I have tried the following, but
I was wondering if the community could help me here:

        <record model="ir.ui.view" id="g4e_base_map_kanban">
        <field name="name"></field>
        <field name="model"></field>
        <field name="arch" type="xml">
            <kanban class="oe_background_grey" create="false">
<field name="name"/>
                <field name="detailed_map"/>
                <field name="google_map"/>
<t t-name="kanban-box">
   <div class="oe_product_vignette">
    <field name="name"/>
                <field name="detailed_map"/>
                <field name="google_map"/>
<t t-raw="google_map"/>

Kind regards,