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RE: Year End Process

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 04/27/2015 08:43:49

Hi Emad,


I think you can set Retained Earnings account to 'Default Debit Account' and 'Default Credit Account' of the Opening Entries Journal, then process 'Generate Opening Entries' (Accounting > Periodic Processing > End of Period > Generate Opening Entries).


Yoshi Tashiro


From: Emad Gamal Naguib []
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2015 7:38 PM
To: Community
Subject: Year End Process


Hi Experts ,

Could you advise what can I do to implement the below scenario at odoo  

at the end of the year my P&L should be carried over the next year in one of my balance sheet account. Is it present in the current set up of OpenERP? I try the 'consolidation' function but this only make my P&L child of my balance sheet account.

then in one of my account in balance sheet named "Retained Earnings" I want the value of my P&L to be passed in this account once the year end.



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