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Mobile app and QR codes for Manufacturing and Warehousing

Chris Jones
- 04/24/2015 17:48:19

I own a nutritional supplement company called Animal Element. For Animal Element we wanted to make sure we were accurately recording lot numbers at every stage of manufacturing and distribution. For this to happen efficiently we needed the recording of the lot numbers to happen on the shop floor at the moment it happens, not later by having to go jump on a computer and record lot numbers. 

The solution was to put QR codes on everything from physical locations, manufacturing equipment, raw materials and finished products and then scan those QR codes with an Android device and record the work back into our ERP system. For ERP we use the open source platform OpenERP / Odoo. 

I've put together a demo video of the mobile app. In my opinion this is the cutting edge of ERP systems for companies under GMP regulations and the best part is that it rides on top of an open source system. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to release the source code for this module. If other developers who have built CMS, HR or other mobile apps based on the OpenERP Mobile framework would like to integrate their projects with this and also release their entire source code I would be open to releasing the source code for this. 

Chris Jones
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