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Re: Functional vs. Technical

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
- 04/21/2015 06:04:48
Dear members

The question is most important.
Do we imagine the R&D team (or any other developpers) starting to code without a comprehensive understanding of the desired functions?
Certainly not.
So the functional side is premier. Then only the technical matters. And the technical answers cannot bias the functions that have been decided.

In my opinion, the same priorities are applicable to the users.

I never saw a high quality training session to start without explaing the objectives first and then giving the answers! On the contrary poor training sessions are those which take for granted that the trainees already know and understand the whole background.

The opensource attribute of Odoo system is not an argument to state that the newbees have to dig into the code.
My 2 cents to your discussion
Michel Guénard

Le 21/04/2015 11:40, Ana Juaristi a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Functional first without any doubt.

Technical skills without knowing what your are going to modify, extend, even break with your new code would not be profitable

2015-04-21 11:28 GMT+02:00 Lionel Sausin <>:
I agree, if you're going to take both then start with technical 
training, this way you learn how to find anwsers by yourself in the 
source code.
Because you will eventually be reading the source, when you want 
functionnal expertise.

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