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RE: Functional vs. Technical

Ahmed Shaaban
- 04/21/2015 02:20:42


It depends on the case, So if you have someone who knows the odoo functions, so you can start with technical training, and he will tell you what you will do,

If you are the only odoo person in your company, So the best is learning both in the same time, I mean take functional training then technical training directly....


On 21 Apr 2015 06:07, "Jay Vora (SerpentCS)" <> wrote:
Functional First.

We have to know 'what to do' first, then 'how to do'.

Jay Vora.
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Well I think it depends on the people.


In my experience,

I learned the technical stuff first like developing a simple module and report,

Later I started to learned functional stuff.


The advantage for that is when I learned about functional I can look on the code too, and I understand the code too.

So I can understand better the behavior, why it happen like this or that.


And in the process on learning functional, because I look on the code too, I learned the structure on Odoo official module.

It helps me a lot when I want inherit the object from Odoo official module, because I know where is the code is in the module.


Thank You.


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Hi Oscar,


I think first you should try it yourself for a couple weeks, then functional, then technical. You can’t follow the technical training unless you know the functionalities of Odoo, right?


On Apr 21, 2015, at 11:02 AM, Oscar Garcia <> wrote:


What would be suggested to do first functional our technical training for some one learning Odoo and will ultimitly need to understand both?

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