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Change in the Front End in POS

- 04/20/2015 01:37:13
Helllo Odoo Community

When I start my Session in Point Of Sale , I Get the Screen of All the Products 
After the Adding the Particular Product, I get UOM , Price along with the product. 
So like wise
I want to get the expiry date field of that product besides Price column 
also on invoice which we will recevice after clicking on either "Cash Journal"/"Bank Journal"/"Check Journal"

Problem :- "So I am not getting the way out how to change the view of the final invoice / or after clicking on the Product"

<img class="yiv3728141245ymail-preserve-class yiv3728141245inline-image-guid-07833504-e1c9-08f3-8888-dce6f463514f yiv3728141245rte-inline-saved-image" src="" alt="Inline image" style="width:100%;max-width:800px;max-height:449px;" id="yiv3728141245yui_3_16_0_1_1429444274521_8660" data-id="24986d0c-2d39-227e-5295-4383eb02996e">

This is the Expiry Date feild which i want to add 
This Feild exist in Product_Template Class -> file 

<img class="ymail-preserve-class inline-image-guid-4cc4baac-5306-83ef-2189-032ae146f0f2 rte-inline-saved-image" src="" data-id="inline-image-guid-4cc4baac-5306-83ef-2189-032ae146f0f2" alt="Inline image" style="width:100%;max-width:800px;max-height:449px;" id="yui_3_16_0_1_1429507757051_4457">

Shefali Shirodkar
AyanWorks Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd.