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Re: Documentation: 2 New Business Memento

Eva Pinter
- 04/18/2015 17:09:21

Your table is great, but line 14 is unclear. In the first lines, you always have the price AFTER the transaction, then suddenly you make two lines, and it becomes more difficult to understand. 

The next point is that the table is easier to understand if you have the following order of columns for inventory

1. units
2. $Total
3. $/unit

Eva P.

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On 18 Apr 2015, at 20:27, Ahmed Elsaka <> wrote:

Dear Fabian,,,

I've checked the document, it's a great step, but it needs more enhancement, 
I write some points, you can check it
Also I have a suggestion for inventory valuation (Costing Method), 
I have to create another document as a part from the original one, as I can't draw table in the original one.
here is my suggestion, Average Cost & FIFO, LIFO Methods  please  check and let's know your feedback.


Ahmed Elsaka

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On Sat, Apr 18, 2015 at 1:06 PM, Samer Nefawa <> wrote:
Dear all, 

Tables sound multi interpretable to me just like the ones before for accounting. Therefore I'm bit cautious to find or evaluate anything. However  I'd love to participate. 

I think adding specific fuctionalities is great, defining these should be done by the specialist as mentioned before in one of the emails. Those who are specialized in a certain subject could tell exactly what they need. Take lifo or fifo as an example, this is also depending on the accounting system used and the governance required. 

What we did for example at ONESTEiN is we gathered our Odoo accounting specialists with a well recognized accounting office in the Netherlands. This has defined the needs with our consultants and developers. Needs have been implemented and audited by the accountant. The result is certified Odoo for Dutch accounting. 

I hope sharing this experience will help. 

Great day,

Met vriendelijke groet,
Kind regards,

Samer Nefawa
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Met vriendelijke groet/ kind regards,

Samer Nefawa

On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 10:53 PM -0700, "Fabien Pinckaers" <> wrote:


We just published two new mementos:
    - Double Entry Inventory:
    - Inventory Valuations:

Those are still in draft and we are looking for community help to review them: are there some mistakes? how can we make the concept more clear?

You can write your feedback here:
Or directly do a pull request on this branch:


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