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Re: Basic questions on Odoo implementation and costs

OpusVL, Nuria Arranz-Velazquez
- 04/17/2015 07:19:57
Hi Oscar,

I don't have answers to all your questions, but I'll try to help :-)

If you want to sell Odoo solutions to your own customers, you are probably looking at becoming a Ready Partner to start with. I think it's best if you give them a call about prices, but the rest of the details are here:

The licensing at the moment is changing, from APGL to LGPL, which is closer to the Open Source Permissive licensing, but still remains Copyleft. This allows you the freedom of using it, and contribute to it (as in contributing to the Odoo community). And becoming a Ready Partner you also get the right to distribute this software solution to your own customers, plus I believe certain degree of support from Odoo itself.

You can't however make it proprietary software. Although this doesn't mean that you can't create connectors for Odoo to work with proprietary software if you wish to.

1. Ready Partnership explained should cover this. I suggest you talk directly with the sales team.
2. Development is always necessary because Odoo is not meant to exactly fit with every specific business. There will always be extra fields needed, extra functionality to develop, support, etc.
3. There is no reason to exclude US as customers.
4. That will depend on your knowledge of Python development. The good thing about the Open Community is that sometimes someone has already a module or patch for your problem and shared it. If it's a bug in the system Odoo will fix it. If it's something else, it will be up to you to develop or find someone to develop it for you.
5. I think point four just answered this question.
6. There are a lot of issues because it is a very comprehensive system: The more functionality you introduce, the more issues will arise. Remember that modules are fully integrated with each other, which makes the system very powerful, but it's a very complex thing to achieve. V8 not being a stable version has its good things and its bad things, but the whole idea is that it makes a system continuously growing, which also means more features, more solutions, etc.
7. I guess that depends on what are the customers wants and needs.
8. You would need to speak directly with the sales team, which will be able to give you a detailed description of what you get and how much it costs.

I hope this helped,

On 17/04/15 03:22, Oscar Garcia wrote:
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Hello to all,

I contacted Odoo a couple of weeks ago in order to get some information on how to use it, learn it and offer it as a solution to clients.  I was told the in order to receive training I would need to become a partner.  Before I did that, I wanted to know how would I work with Odoo in order to make money to see if partnership payment would be necessary.  I asked several questions, but never got an answer, so I am posting them here, I hope someone can help.  I could be completely off on some, please let me know.


  1. Under what licensing can a customer work with Odoo?  As far as I understand, Odoo is free of charge (no license fee).  What is charged in the SaaS solution offered by Odoo?
  2. I currently work for a software development company and we usually build things from scratch.  Suppose a client chooses to work with Odoo SaaS platform.  Where or how would there be an economical benefit for me since no development is practically necessary?
  3. If I am based from Guatemala, does that mean I cannot have US customers?  The main reason for me to partner with Odoo is because I have potential customers in the US.
  4. On average, how much does an Odoo implementation take?
  5. On average, (related to number 2), how much does and Odoo implementation cost?
  6. I have joined the Odoo community email list and from what I see there are a lot of issues with Odoo, why is this, are there different versions of Odoo such that the community works on one not as stable as a final release?
  7. Can the SaaS version of Odoo be customized to the customers wants and needs?
  8. On the FAQ section under pricing, I see that a price is mentioned for On-Premise installations, what is being charged for? It also mentions a Odoo Enterprise contract what does this include?

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