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Odoo Experience 2015: Submit your talk

Fabien Pinckaers
- 04/12/2015 03:55:37

Next week we will start reviewing the talks propsal for Odoo Experience 2015.

If you want to show case your contribution, submit a talk here:

Talks we are interested in:
- New and good community modules
- New developer tools (only if new)
- Website / eCommerce features or themes
- Customer testimonials by the customer
- Mobile apps

Talks we are less interested in:
- Modules on older version of Odoo <v8
- Customer case by a partner (not by the final customer)
- Community modules / features that are not released yet (at the time of the event)
- Modules that could be replaced by v9 features

Talks are usually 20 minutes long but some talks may have up to 50 minutes if there are a lot of content.

If you did not registered to the event, you should do it from here:



PS: we already have 2x attendees than last year at the same date. (7 weeks before the event) We target 3000 registrations.