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Multi company/product question

OpenERP Master
- 04/09/2015 23:38:32

I have a several part question.

I have a scenario where there are multiple companies. Parent company and some child companies. I want the product to belong to all companies. I noticed that company_id was a field on product.template and not a property field. I am not sure of the exact requirements, but I may want to have different cost and stock per company while having 1 product record in the database.

When I switch between companies I can still see the product, but it always belongs to the company it was created under. I would also like to have a company shared category tree. Is there some work I can look at from someone, some module, etc, or some advise/direction would be appreciated.

Additionally, I thought the way Odoo switches companies by default was not user intuitive. I found a module that does this and it works well, however when I switch companies it redirects me to the default message screen. In the v7 module, it reloads the current view. Any comments?