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Employee Attendance Fingerprint Scanner is done

Chris Jones
- 04/09/2015 02:10:30
I posted about this a number of months ago. The scanner is finished, working well and I can start building them ASAP. 

It's written in Python using QT4 and talks to OpenERP via XMLRPC. It's been tested with OpenERP 7 but not with Odoo 8. If not much has changed with the HR module and Attendances then it should be easy to get it working with 8. 

The code will be open source and posted soon. I've thought about adding an option when the user signs in to select a project they're working on. It could also be adapted for businesses like gyms where people sign in and sign out. 

Price is going to be $400 USD. I'll have a way to purchase it soon but for right now email me if you're interested. If enough people are interested I'd like to redesign the case. Right now it's 2D laser cut acrylic. I'm starting with black but for a little extra I can get different colors and even laser edge a logo on the front. 

Chris Jones
Open Source ERP Solutions