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Re: Accounting Memento

Ferdinand Gassauer
- 04/08/2015 22:40:01
On 2015-04-09 00:52, Fabien Pinckaers wrote:

Hi all,
indeed this is a pretty amazing work.

I would suggest to make the tax rate (9%) configurable to match localized needs and expectations.
Example in Austria we have 20% VAT, so an Austrian user would expect 20 in deferred tax liabilities not 9
It becomes more evident in supplier bill = 52 and PO 50 where a lot of numbers are calculated, but do not match what we would have here.
BTW will it be translated / localized ?
Example: Balance sheet in Austria is the other way round:
  • long term assets on top, current assets on bottom,
  • equity on top, liability bottom
P&L - add frequent terms used
  • EBIT

Then this could also be used as training tool.

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Hello community,

We just released an accounting memento:

It's a temptative to write another kind of documentation to Odoo: more
functional, quick memento, with high quality to learn business and how
to configure Odoo.

It has been included in the official documentation: (top right menu)

Please help us spread the document. Would be great if you can write a
blog/news about it to help us spread it.

You can also get the sources here if you want to contribute, adapt or
translate for your own website:
(sorry, the code is a bit messy: rst & reactjs)

We will measure the visibility in the next weeks. If this is a success,
we will write more mementos like this one on others topics: inventory
valuation, inventory management, marketing, ...

I'd like to thanks everyone that contributed and proof-read the draft:
Eva Pinter, Jordi Ballester, Lek, Nhomar, Fakrudeen, Ahmed Elsaka,
Parthiv Patel, Peter Schuttevaar, Tim Bowen, Satyamintra, Ana Juaristi,
Mathias Neef, Frederic Clementi, Stephan Keller, Wolfgang Taferne, ...
and I probably forgot others as I don't have the exact list of every
contributor in the pad.

PS: sorry, I wanted to reply personally to the 50 persons that proposed
to contribute to the memento and I accidentally did a few reply to the list.


Fabien Pinckaers
Odoo Founder

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