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Translation code question

Mohamed Hagag
- 04/08/2015 08:37:26


Can we make translation more portable between databases by ignoring res_id while exporting/importing CSV translation files ?

I don't know why we need the res_id which is a data related filed as I understand from the code.

Isn't it enough to query ir_translation by src, name and type only ?

If we ignore res_id it will help solving the below behavioral issues:

- many terms not showing because of wrong res_id

- translation export ignores many terms

- translation import also ignores many terms

- lots of duplicated terms with the same src, name, type and module after multiple imports it can be 10x or 20x

And it will be easily to export the ir_translation table from one DB to another and translation will work.

AFAIK, most if not all multi-language systems do not bind the translation to a dynamic record id like res_id .

Finally, I'm working on testing the translation tools and functions of odoo with various cases.