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Re: Enterprise reporting

Elmatica AS, Luis Alberto Panozzo
- 04/07/2015 12:20:26

IMHO, there are actually two aspects as far as this thread is concerned:
One seems to be pure data volume, response time and data synchronization in which case some sort of ETL and data mart would be logical alternatives (or at least starting points).
If you create that layer outside of Odoo then the likes of Pentaho come into play, with all the inherent flexibility.

But, short of that, when data volume is not necessarily a limiting factor and we want to keep an integrated and unique data source, then the flexibility of Odoo is questioned.
I do agree that Advanced filters are particularly powerful but probably the main drawback is that all your filtering capability is static.
This limitation is particularly meaningful when you need to get data based on date ranges, for example. Yes, you can edit the user filters but it is not that user friendly without ad-hoc development.
The current BI is a great step forward which, I hope, will keep on getting enhanced.  Any literature or presentation on this other than the one available in slideshare from the Open Days?

In the meantime I would say that the answer to the original post lays outside of Odoo due to the constraints already commented.

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On 7 April 2015 at 17:52, Nuria Arranz Velazquez <> wrote:
Is the advance search filters not deep enough for your case scenario? I 
generally use that.

On 30/03/15 21:02, OpenERP Master wrote:
> Hello,
> I may embark on an epic journey to create a series of enterprise 
> reports for a high transaction volume Odoo system. I am talking 
> hundreds of thousands of products and hundreds of users.
> I may engage in some kind of data warehousing project to normalize the 
> data into a reporting database, I may use a replication system then 
> report on the replicated database, im not really sure what my approach 
> is going to be.
> These reports are basic reports that everyone wants, like sales by 
> product, balance sheet, top product sales, and many, many more.
> The out of box functionality is a skeleton and just wont do. It is 
> very slow and featureless.
> I am looking for recommendations on what some integrators has done as 
> I consider options.
> Thanks!
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