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Re: Host for odoo project

Dave Ellison
- 04/07/2015 03:53:25

I've used Digital Ocean, Linode, AWS and Rackspace VPS services.

Rackspace is my least favourite VPS hosting supplier. They seem a little over priced, plus their VPS offerings do not seem very fast in comparison to Digial Ocean or Linode's SSD VPS service. AWS I have tested and if you are planning a large infrastructure or complex offering, they are a good place to go. Their pricing are a little harder to follow, but they do have free VPS tiers to test, which is good. Their control panel is quite complex and have bizarre rules on getting access to the VPS. Most others you have a VPS and it's up to you to protect it, but AWS have groups, where you have to apply to each VPS. These groups say what services can get in and out. They also have a policy about servers sending email. I can assume this is because you can use free VPS services and use them to fire out spam. However to me, if they have your card details and verified your personal details, there should not be any problems. Or even, free tier not allow emailing. Either way AWS creates a lot more jumping through hoops to setup your server(s). AWS does however have a very good "click and install" marketplace of popular software and web services, straight to a newly deployed VPS machines. Some are free, some are paid.

Then on to my two favourite suppliers, Linode and Digital Ocean. I think pricing they are pretty close to each other, both are SSD based servers and pricing are close between each level. I think the API and "one click install scripts" is better in Digital Ocean, but Linodes control panel, I prefer. Think Digital Ocean has a limit on the highest tier you can purchase initially, but it's easy to sort that out.

So for me, Digital Ocean or Linode.


On 02/04/15 17:17, Jordi Riera wrote:
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Hello list,

I am working on a odoo project and I need to find a host service for it.
It would be a server that can handle 100k monthly visit I would say.

I was considering OVH or amazon ( but I am opened to any other service.

Would you advice any host service?

- Jordi Riera, Connecting Softwares and people.
+1 438 930 3718

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