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- 04/02/2015 10:04:03

regarding the use of multi company. from the surface it seems to be ok but I didn't dig in to see what would cause a real problem. I think you also have to make sure to leave the company field empty for some models like products & partners. I didn't try it in warehouse yet & I didn't aggregated reports from different companies.

I'd also be pleased if anyone pointed to us any problem he faced when using multicompany

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Eva Pinter <> wrote:

Hi Peter,

You may want to create a test database and make some testing around multicompany before using it. Odoo has a multicompany module, but it does not work really well out of the box and so, if you do not need it absolutely, i would advise you to get two instances working separately.

Good luck
Eva P.

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On 2 Apr 2015, at 10:57, Peter van Montfort <> wrote:

In the latest Saas 6 I see that there is a multicompany module installed.
Can anyone inform me about the settings that are needed to get it working, and where can I find that settings.
Peter van Montfort
Senior Consultant

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