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Website permissions woes

Mario Menezes
- 03/31/2015 10:37:23
Hi Odoo Community,

   I've tried to understand and properly configure permissions for my users so that they can manage the website we've built with Odoo CMS, that is, produce content (new pages, new blog posts, new events, etc).

   Unfortunately, even giving a user administration rights (settings rights) and everything else, they can't add a blog post without a permission error or create a new event with such error.

   Where should I look for in order to fix this? 

   When trying to add a new event (Content -> New Event), the error is:
  403: Forbidden and the URL is:  /event/add_event

   Any help is welcome! Odoo CMS is great but being unable to delegate content production to normal users make it useless!

   Best regards,

Futura Code School

Mario Menezes

Tel.: (011) 3588.1118

Rua Bartira 757 - Perdizes

São Paulo - SP