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Module Contribution - Odoo - Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User

Sandesh Rao
- 03/31/2015 07:44:37

Hello All,

A few of our prospects had raised concerns over the security aspects of odoo mentioning that a user with proper credentials could login from multiple machines / devices at the same time. This, according to them, should not be allowed within the ERP system. If a user has already logged in, the ERP should not allow another login attempt from the same userid, until the user has logged off from his existing session or the lifetime of the user session has expired.

To address this concern we have come up with a module - Restrict Multiple Sign in for Same User. You can find this module here -
We have also uploaded the same to the Odoo app store - . In this, we have kept the user's session lifetime as 2 minutes. If the user session is active (i.e. browser of the user is not closed), the expiry time of the cookie will keep on getting incremented. During this time, if another login attempt happens from a different browser or machine for the same userid, the system would not log in that user.

Hope you find this useful. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome !

Best Regards,

Sandesh Rao

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