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Full API Spec / Exmaples?

- 03/31/2015 06:41:36

I am examining the Odoo API to determine how easy or hard it will be to integrate wit our website ordering system (many years in the making and honed specifically to our client needs). I am a competent and experienced developer but I find the API section of the documentation woefully inadequate for working out how to interface with the API. Also I am not able to find the database specs for Odoo so I actually know what to ask for.

Are there any better, more comprehensive documents for this? Do I need to read the whole developer doc set, just to understand the API (I am not writing stuff to fit inside Odoo, so a lot of that would be redundant??)

It seems very unfortunate for an Open Source project to have no clear, comprehensive API docs.

Also, if anyone replies to offer services we are open top using UK companies ONLY, thanks.


Mark Benson