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RE: "Owner On Stock" - where to enter owner_id?

Quartile Limited, Yoshi Tashiro
- 03/30/2015 22:29:17

Hi Gunnar,


Your second case should work as I tried in my environment.  When you set an owner in picking (the screen you reach by clicking on 'Receive Products' on PO), it should be passed on to received quants.

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I haven't checked the first case, but I'd imagine there should be a way to input a lot/serial number.


Yoshi Tashiro


From: Gunnar Wagner []
Sent: Tuesday, March 31, 2015 8:48 AM
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Subject: Re: "Owner On Stock" - where to enter owner_id?


I did some testing with "stock_ownership_availability_rules" which from what is said in the readme file should be doing what I want to achieve "...keep stock that belongs to someone other than our company."
now I am having trouble to use it and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction

Ideally I would be able to assign a Serial/Lof number to a lot of the same product and assign an Owner to it. If possible I would store the goods in a location that is owned by 'my company' (instead of creationg locations owned by the product owner

I figured to ways to work and both lack achieven one of these 2 goals

1) Incoming Products

>Purchase > Incoming Products >Create

   I choose a product A
   Owner: "XYZ"
   Company: "My Company"
   Destination Address "My Company"
   Source Location: "Partner Location/Suppliers"
   Destination Location: "WH/Stock"

>Save >Process Entirely

result: I have a Quant of Product A in the "WH/Stock" Location of "My Comapnay" with an Owner "XYZ"
I don't have a lot/Serial Number (and I don't see any way to asign one afterwards)

2) Purchase Order

>Purchase >Purchase Order >Create

   Supplier: "My Supplier"
   Company: "My Company"
   Deliver To: "My Company"
   add an Order line for: "Product A"

>Confirm Order

>Receive Products >Edit (I guess that is what everybody calls Picking or Picking List?)

Choose Owner: "ABC"

>Save >Transfer

A new form opens up (can be that THAT now is the famous Picking list?) where I add a Lot/Serial Nr. "1234"


result: I have a Quant of Product A in the "WH/Stock" Location of "My Comapnay" with a Lot/Serial Nr. "1234"
I don't have the right ownership on this quant though. Owner is "My Company" and not "ABC" as I want it to be (and I don't see any way to change that afterwards). I found out I can fool the system whether I add a location owned by "ABC" but I would prefer whether I wouldn;t have to do that.

any pointers how to get both (Serial Nr. & owner as chosen on a Quant) would be great. I guess in the long run it would be best to go through Purchase Orders but I am not at the point where I am managing purchase actually yet.

On 3/27/2015 6:03 PM, Leonardo Pistone wrote:

<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

Hi Gunnar,


AFAIK stock ownership management is somewhat incomplete in odoo 8.0,

but we published some modules to make it work in a useful way (at

least for us). You can give a look to the descriptions in the READMEs:










On Fri, Mar 27, 2015 at 9:30 AM, Gunnar Wagner

<> wrote:

> I want to use the "Manage Owner On Stock" funcionality in 8.0 but can't

> quite figure out how to access a key ingredient ... owner_id (which links a

> quant to a partner)

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