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Re: Product variants

Eva Pinter
- 03/29/2015 02:31:18
Hi Mohammed,

Yes, product variants are somehow confusing. So, the way it works is the following:
1. You have the product template, generally called product.
2. In the product template, you define the attributes and the possible values to define the variants.
3. Automatically, a product variant is created for each combination of attribute values.
4. product templates and product variants share a certain number of fields, for instance (and this is of course a bug of Odoo): they share the same cost price

You may do some programming to put the cost price at the product variant level instead of the product template level.

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Good luck
Eva P.

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On 28 Mar 2015, at 19:42, Mohamed M. Hagag <> wrote:


I'm confused with the product variants and have some questions.

When we can use product variants ?

how to manage variant purchase prices ?

why all variants gets the same *cost price* if I updated one of them ?

If we have an extra cost for a variant sale price, How can I set the extra cost for the purchase price of the variant ?


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