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Re: changing laguage of accounting

gunnar wagner
- 03/28/2015 19:24:50
maybe you have installed a french chart of accounts? localized Charts of Accounts potentially are only available in that language.
I suggest to filter the installed Modules by l10n (which shows the localization). If you find a french CoA & depending on whether you are using accounting already or not (probably not as you seem to play around still) you can consider next steps (like removing that module i.e.)

On 3/29/2015 12:47 AM, robert rottermann wrote:
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Hi there,
I am following an introduction into odoo.
Now the introduction is in english. However language of the acaounts is french 
(no idea why).
Now I would like to change it to english.

How can I do that?
I allready loaded the english translation and chaned the actual users (the 
administrator)'s language to english.
But still the language shown is french.

thanks for your hlep

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