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Re: Call for bid creates on CFB per procurement

AVANZOSC, S.L, Ana Juaristi Olalde
- 03/26/2015 15:48:27

There is a other issue tested today on our environment not in runbot.
If you really create a purchase order from requisition, confirm and receive materials procurement stays in progress not done.
Another one is that Po selected on bid is not informed on procurement.
I think bids processes should be reviewed opening several issues and wishlists to be included on core at less for next versions or we will need again community developments

El 26/03/2015 18:54, "Eva Pinter" <> escribió:

Hi Community,

When we set the call for bid in the product form, the system will create a call for bid for each procurement, even if you sell the same product the same day for the same date.

This makes it virtually impossible to use the system to help us choose the supplier when we purchase as we cannot manage each product in a call for bid

Does someone know, if there is a purchase requisition module that would allow to put the PR in either a new or existing Call for bid or RFQ?

thanks in advance for your answers
Eva P.

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