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Re: Fwd: Journal Entries and VAT handling

Libertus Solutions, Alan Bell
- 03/24/2015 10:03:49
typically a vat liability or credit is incurred by purchasing or selling something, so these go through invoices/POs/credit notes etc. If you are doing a direct journal entry then you are moving money about for another reason, which might not be vat relevant, or might be vat oddness, like a VAT only transaction to fix something where VAT wasn't accounted for, or if you applied the wrong VAT rate for something. I guess it is a bit hard to predict what the right way to handle VAT is when you are doing journal entries.


On 24/03/15 13:58, Torvald Baade Bringsvor wrote:
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Our customer has some postings they wish to make directly in journal entries. But they also want VAT to be handled, and therein lies the problem.

In the journal entries form you can only specify tax codes for the move lines, not taxes. So it seems they will have to calculate the tax amounts themselves and make the extra postings, which involves a lot of extra work.

So the question is: Is there any way in Odoo to do journal enttries where you can select a tax so that a posting with for example the 25% VAT amount is made automatically? Have I missed something here?


Torvald Baade Bringsvor
Bringsvor Consulting AS - Odoo (formerly OpenERP) implementation partner

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