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Re: Checking the CLA on OCA repositories

Camptocamp France SAS, Alexandre Fayolle - Camptocamp
- 03/20/2015 12:22:00
On 07/01/2015 17:13, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli wrote:
> Have you seen this?
> It makes a comment on every commit. Not ideal.

Hi everyone,

Thanks to Sylvain Calador, we have an updated version of the OCA CLA
bot, which significantly improves the previous situation: it implements
a local cache of the checked CLAs for a given PR and should not notify
twice for the same person on the same PR. However, if we figure out that
one of the contributor of the PR which had been flagged previously has
now a signed CLA, a message acknowledging the situation is posted, which
should help a lot in the daily management of PRs.

There still may be some false positives (missing github logins, missing
CLAs in the database...). I apologize for these. Please send me an email
when you feel such a case is encountered and I'll do my best to fix these.

Thanks for your work on the OCA projects.

Alexandre Fayolle
Chef de Projet
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