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Re: Purchase Billing Problem

Lambda Networks AS, Levent Karakaş
- 03/20/2015 09:39:35
I agree that this "question" sounds as if they have no idea how sales works, but this is the real life scenario in Turkey (I don't claim it's correct). When a price difference is Instead of cancelling the entire invoice, a company sends/receives price difference invoice to/from customer/supplier. Yes, they already know this mumbo jumbo is completely wrong and right way to do this is to return the good to customer/supplier and get a new invoice/shipment with the updated price. Then why everyone works like this? All invoices and waybill documents are printed and numbered by government and this means for each correction you will need 2 invoices and 2 waybill documents to consume. And for each waybill there needs to be physical shipments (legally). Don't you think it's easier if you can do it with only one invoice if you have to do this 10-15 times a day?

PS: All local ERP software have "price difference invoice" flows, even SAP Turkey implements this.

2015-03-20 12:13 GMT+02:00 Nuria Arranz Velazquez <>:
Have you considered providing training to your staff? I hope I don't sound funny, it is an actual question. Training would probably save you a lot of effort and grief in the future.

On 19/03/15 14:35, Ertuğrul Güreş wrote:
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Hi Everyone,
I will explain this problem with an example ;

A supplier sends us a bill ; ABC product $100 (this is unit price)
Now ABC product cost is : $100
We realize that invoice has an mistake , it must $90.
Then we want to bill the difference ($10) to supplier,but Product cost must be $90.
Is there any way to solve this problem?
We don't want to cancel invoice because this happens more than 15 times in a day. 

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