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Re: Odoo Technical Training (Asking for forgiveness and suggestions)

Mohamed Mtloob
- 03/19/2015 13:56:09

Good luck ya Magdy

On 19 Mar 2015 13:53, "Mohamed Magdy" <> wrote:
Dear All,

I am sending this Email to apologize for being late to finish the course 'Odoo Technical Training'.
Well, it is a complicated but I need to explain. I created the course on with a plan to finish it in a few weeks and I started campaigns on indiegogo and rockethub with no luck ;).

Then, I tried to publish at least 2 lectures per week, but also I had a problem related to my company location as it was very far.

That's why I resigned from my work to have more time for my own business and to complete the course.

I just wanted to say sorry for being late and to promise that I will do my best to finish the course ASAP, you can trust me this time as I published 3 new lectures in the last 50 hrs and will continue publishing a new lecture every 24 hrs even in weekend.

Well, I have a new plan for the course. The current version will be as it is except for the views(calendar, graph and kanban views)  and it will consider mainly the basics. After completing it I will work on upgrading the course and fixing the issues (Sound Quality and Material will be reproduced).

I will start a new course for Advanced Odoo Development, it will take care of POS development, Widgets, Website, E-commerce and QWeb reports.
The release date new version of Odoo is considered. As Odoo v8.0 will work for a while after releasing v9.0, so the course will be valid too for a while.

If you interested in the course, join form here.

I am sorry again and again.
I will be happy to get your feedback.

Best Regards,

Mohamed Magdy

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