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Re: Install odoo from source

redCOR AG, robert rottermann
- 03/19/2015 10:59:52
On 19.03.2015 15:37, luke devon wrote:
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Hi , 

Can some body tell me how to install odoo from source in ubuntu or centos ?

Many thanks

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INSTALL odod on a ubuntu server
instal git:
    apt-get install git
clone install scritpt:
    git clone
change to the folder with the ubuntu script:
    cd /root/openerp-install-scripts/odoo-v8/ubuntu-14-04
change the execution bit:
    chmod +x *.sh
run the installation script:
start odoo-server:
    service odoo-server start
check that it runs:
    ps aux | grep odoo
navigate to odoo on your localhost:
    open a browser, navigate to:localhost:8069/
fill in the fields in the screen that pops up:
    the master password is to access the management screen
    the password is:superadminpassword (set in the setupscript)
        This password is required to create, delete, dump or restore databases
    Set the database name to redcor (or what ever)
    Select Language and new password

install modules:
    Accounting & Finance (the account module),

    Warehouse Management (the stock module),

    Purchase Management (the purchase module),

    Sales Management (the sale module).