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[8.0] multi-company - ownership of SO

gunnar wagner
- 03/19/2015 10:26:17
I have a multi-company installation

2 companies in a parent/child setup. Both Companies have separate Chart of Accounts and it's own warehouse.
Both companies have customers, odoo users are users of the parent.

I want to be able to create Sales Order for both companies alike.

At first I would imagine ownership of a SO should be triggered by the customer (and which company it belongs to).
Secondly I heard that ownership of the warehouse you assign a SO to decides about which of your companies 'ownes' the SO.

Now ... when creating an SO the 2nd options actually seems to work.

Warehouse: parent    Company = parent
Warehouse: child    Company = child

unfortunately as soon as Iyou click "Save" the Company switches to the company the user who is creating the SO belongs to. So, it looks like you'd need to change company of your user to decide ownership of your SO.
Is this a bug or is there any advantage/internal logic behind this. I came across a module called multi_company_extend, which I have (due to lack any other public repository) put on my own github.
Installing this actually removes the faulty behavior and makes the Ownership of a SO related to the selected warehouse) 'savable'

I'd rather not depend on another custom module for such a basic thing and wonder whether this problem can be solved by a better configuration or by fixing the bug (if it is one) causing this error (assuming that this is not wanted behavior)