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Module for requisitions by employees

- 03/19/2015 08:37:22
Hi All

So I am not using Odoo yet in a production environment I am still trying to learn what it is capable of and how to configure it to how I want it. So my question:

If I have say 50 users in the company I do not want them all talking to and corresponding with suppliers. From my knowledge it is common practise in many companies to have a purchasing or sourcing office with a couple of employees to manage orders, RFq's and correspond with suppliers. 
In my experience an employee will create what is referred to as a "requisition/request" for goods/services . The procurement office would convert this to a PO either using an existing contract or go out on RFq if there is no supplier currently available.

How would this be done in Odoo. Is there a requisition module that does the above. I have tried Purchase Requisitions by OpenERP SA , but this gives you the option to create a requisition from a purchase order not sure the use of this. Is there a way to do the above?

(Ideally having approval on the requisition document would be the way forward as well)

Thanks in advance


Wesley Walford