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Re: Could someone help me interpret 84% CPU usage for "postgres: openerp live [local] idle" command

Houssine BAKKALI
- 03/19/2015 04:34:33

Experts will need more info.
What version of odoo and postgres do you run. what is the revision of odoo. what are the modules running for your instance. What are the parameters of you odoo server, are you running workers?. Anything usual in the logs for postgres and odoo?

Does the CPU consumption come to normal on odoo or postgres restart or you need to restart the whole physical or virtual server?

Le 19 mars 2015 06:38, "Jonathan Wilson" <> a écrit :
Hi All

We are having a  performance issue at one of our sites and struggling tracking it down. It seems to have just started happening in the last week and we can't really find a good reason in terms of any changes we have made. Looking at the performance monitor (htop) we get this entry (below) for the task "postgres: openerp live [local] idle". On the surface it appears strange that a task with the word "idle" in it would be consuming so much cpu?

  PID USER      PRI  NI  VIRT   RES   SHR S CPU% MEM%   TIME+  Command
19006 postgres   20   0 1270M  814M  784M R 94.0  8.3 12:01.88 postgres: openerp live [local] idle

Any good clues in general about tracking these sorts of issues down would be very much appreciated also.

Thank you
Jonathan Wilson
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Creators of  Odoo-Pentaho integration project

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