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Re: VAT Report based on paid invoice

Davide Corio
- 03/19/2015 03:39:51

On 19/03/15 08:22, Stefano Sforzi wrote:
> Hey Thomas
> we have create a module to fit this;

I'm pretty sure that in France and Spain (at least) someone else already 
developed alternative solutions.

Right now, i'm using account_vat_on_payment because i think it's the 
most complete and flexible addon, but we all know that it's quite a mess 
and really hard to debug.

It would be great if we can gather all the contributions regarding vat 
on payment and check what we have to see if we can merge those and join 

Of course...this is a MUST HAVE and should have it's place inside the 
core modules!

Davide Corio