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Re: VAT Report based on paid invoice

Davide Corio
- 03/19/2015 02:49:48
On 19/03/15 07:42, Thomas Winteler wrote:
> Hello Community
> Default Odoo VAT report ist based on validated invoices...
> We her in Switzerland (and maybe other countries) have also a VAT report
> based on paid invoice, also partial payments.
> Are there any investments, plans or already done modules to fit this report?
> Would be nice to hear about this

Hi Thomas,
that's needed here in Italy too (and also in France AFAIK)

Odoo provides some helpers already.
Have a look at this for instance:

I remember that, a long time ago, you were able to select this option 
while printing the default vat report.
It seems somehow disappeared.

Anyway, the way it computes such data can be not sufficient in 
Switzerland just like it's not in Italy.

Davide Corio