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Re: Cancel done delivery order

Eva Pinter, Eva Pinter
- 03/18/2015 14:57:34
Polemic answer: 

What can I say to that...3 clicks is too much work for the user. And 2 seconds of thinking is probably also too much thinking.

Eva P.

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On 18 Mar 2015, at 18:37, OpenERP Master <> wrote:


In my opinion and the opinion of companies I have worked with canceling a document (delivery order) by creating a separate document to return goods or same principle for invoice is time consuming, can be confusing, and involves too many clicks. It is not at all a streamlined workflow.

I already have such a module that does all of this but not going to release it for a couple more weeks because it isn't completely finished and its not high priority for the people that need it.

My module will allow you to delete a delivery order by reversing all of its effect. You can then regenerate it from sale order. This condition is possible if there are no child dependencies, if there are or the accounting period is closed then you can't do this. This would be perfect in situations where delivery order is created but goods not yet sent to customer.

The notion that once you press confirm on sales order that your "locked in" and are helpless to reverse this action is not a fits all solution.

On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:57 PM, Lionel Sausin <> wrote:
You can already "cancel" a done delivery with a return.
You can already "cancel" a done invoice with a refund.

You could make a wizard to "cancel" a sale order, that would reuse the 
two wizards above, but I fail to see the point.
You just can't have a sale order "done" by mistake.
You may confirm it by mistake but it's not "done", you have to make at 
least 2 more steps : make a delivery and make an invoice.

About changing sale orders based on delivery, I think it's a bad idea. 
If you do that you'll have no idea what was negotiated initially.
You're much much better off changing only the deliveries, and making 
invoices from deliveries instead of sale orders.

Le 18/03/2015 17:57, Yassine Teimi a écrit :
> Hey everyone,
> I'm also interested for such functionnality, I'm working on it, I can 
> agree with the tracability of everything done on the ERP System, but 
> we should not forget that we should not block the business process, as 
> many of you there said that it's a "cancel" functionnality, not 
> delete, so we don't need to keep a trace of something wrong, right ?.
> Before telling my toughts about this, I want to say that I'm talking 
> about a delivery order on done state, so my toughts if a user make a 
> mistake on the sale process, the solution would be on a simple button 
> that cancels all operations done when delivering the goods :
> 1. Cancel all accounting entries related to the potential invoice of 
> this delivery order.
> 2. Change the state of the delivery order to "waiting for availability"
> 3. Make an inventory of every article included in this delivery order, 
> that corrects the stock quantity (because the goods are considered 
> delivered to the customer, we must correct thi issue).
> 4. After correction of the delivery order, we will validate it again, 
> on this stage, we must add a condition, that doesn't allow the 
> confirmation of the delivery order, if it's not compatible with the 
> sale order in term of quantity of products (because  the sales 
> reporting are based on sales order lines), if a difference exists, we 
> must update the sale order so as to be compatible with the delivery 
> order, for example, a user make a mistake in term of product quantity, 
> a comparison between product quantities on delivery order and sale 
> order should be done.
> That's it, I hope to get your toughts about it.
> Many thanks, dear community.

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