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Trigger an automated action [v7]

Yassine TEIMI
- 03/17/2015 07:17:58
Dear community, 

I'm setting up an automated action with a server action as following: 

Type : Email
Related document : claims

Condition/Timer :

Trigger date : deadline

So to trigger this I have to go on the scheduler/scheduled actions, to schedule this automated action. is this the only way to trigger this automated action ? why the field "trigger date" is not enough to trigger automatically this automated action ?

There is already a predefined scheduled action "Checking action rules", it checks all the server actions defined, in my case when it will check the mail server action, it will find it related to an automated action, then it will trigger the automated action. 

The problem is when the scheduler run my automated action, for example for a claim with deadline : 17 march, it will send an email reminder on 17 march, 18 march, 19 march .... , repeatedly

What I want is that the automated action triggers only the deadline date.

So how to perform this simple reminder ?

Many thanks.



Yassine TEIMI

Consultant & Chef de Projet
TEL : +212 6-27 33 30 78