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Product Database - advice on cross-referencing.

- 03/16/2015 08:42:21

I'm new to Odoo and the community.

We are investigating Odoo as a possible ERP platform and I have an issue I'd like to ask if ther eis an easy solution to the following:

We have a large list (over 200,000 parts) of products we can potentially sell which are under the manufacturer's/suppliers part number reference.

We also have a catalogue of items that we publish online that is under our own part number sequence. These all cross reference to one (or sometimes more) manufacturer parts, and contain our retail price and detailed product specifications.

Is it possible to enter all the above as products, then somehow link one to the other? For example when a Sales Order is entered...

- Catalogue part AA0001234 is ordered.
- AA0001234 referes to manufacturer part XZT123987V
- The correct quantity of XZT123987V is ordered to make up the order or stock level

I have tried this via using a BoM for the catalogue parts but I can't work out the Manufacturing to automatically make up the BoM to order and I think I may be overcomplicating it. I would like the BoM ideally to just buy the items. I don't know if I'm approaching this right.

Any ideas?


Mark Benson