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How to apply domain filter in one2many field

Emna Ragheb
- 03/13/2015 04:27:04

Hello community!

I added a boolean field 'active' to 'account_analytic_account' , In all the many2one fields related to the 'account_analytic_account' I wish to get only the list of active analytic accounts, for example when we create an invoice line when we add an analytic_account we should get only the list of active analytic account .... etc

I added this context to the act_window in xml : 

<field name="context">{'search_default_active':1}</field>

but I got this filter only in the menu analytic acoounts

I'm looking for a function to do that instead of inherit all the views wich contain a many2one analytic account fields and add a domain.

Help me please ! 

Thank you