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Re: OCA project: __unported__ folder considered painful

Camptocamp SA, Guewen Baconnier - Software Developer, Camptocamp
- 03/11/2015 10:42:32
On 03/11/2015 03:27 PM, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero wrote:
> *
> Said that, and as Nhomar told, to be made on future 9.0 branches, not on
> current ones, I think we can improve this situation. Letting the modules
> in root directory is not an option, because it has the mentioned
> disadvantages, so I'd bet for starting in a clean branch, and using git
> history when migrating one module. But this must be fully documented for
> not discouraging contributions.

You can't claim that it is not an option. Personally I think it is not
the ideal option, but the least worst (with the current setup
n-modules/repo). It is only a matter of a bad distinction between
ported/unported when all the other options have technical drawbacks that
will waste everybody's time.

>   * /git mv/ to move it from __unported__.
This has issues as Alexandre stated
>   * Copy previous version over the current one. This only needs to take
>     care about renamed files or reorganize folders. Luckily, this won't
>     be needed soon with the folder structure standarization that
>     reviewers/contributors are doing.
So you lose the history
>   * /git commit/ for marking changes already done on previous version.
>   * Migrate!

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