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Re: OCA project: __unported__ folder considered painful

Pedro M. Baeza
- 03/11/2015 10:26:56
Alexandre, thanks from bringing this topic to debate.

Let me add perspective of what has been made till now:

When the migration from Launchpad was set, it was decided that:
  • Start from previous version branches, for not losing history and simplify the newcomers contributions.
  • All non migrated modules are set to installable=False, to avoid someone takes the folder and put the module in an addons path, and this results in a bad installation.
  • All non migrated modules will go to __unported__ folder, for the already mentioned reasons of see in a fast sight what modules are already ported.

Said that, and as Nhomar told, to be made on future 9.0 branches, not on current ones, I think we can improve this situation. Letting the modules in root directory is not an option, because it has the mentioned disadvantages, so I'd bet for starting in a clean branch, and using git history when migrating one module. But this must be fully documented for not discouraging contributions.

Nhomar, one module (or also auto_install modules) per repo can be achieved, but joining via "git subtree" in the current repos. You will get the same number of repos to deploy. Also contributions to existing modules will be similar, but working on the subrepo. The only problem I see with this is with new modules, that need to create a new subrepo, and link it to the general repo.

About merging changes on previous versions to newer ones, I also don't think we should force the contributor to make it, but we can force him/her to open an issue explaining (this is 1 minute), that we can even provide a template for doing it. About merging changes from previous versions on __unported__, my procedure for this is clear: don't waste energy! When I migrate a module, I do:

  • git mv to move it from __unported__.
  • Copy previous version over the current one. This only needs to take care about renamed files or reorganize folders. Luckily, this won't be needed soon with the folder structure standarization that reviewers/contributors are doing.
  • git commit for marking changes already done on previous version.
  • Migrate!


2015-03-11 15:03 GMT+01:00 Quentin THEURET <>:
On 11/03/2015 14:48, Markus Schneider wrote:
> Having not working modules in root is ugly. At the moment you see easy
> in github what module is available for this version. If you need to
> check each __openerp__ what working and whats not, hurts more then
> having an __unported__ folder.

I'm totally agree with this point of view. Put all modules in the root 
is not a good idea IMHO. I imagine the root directory on the Odoo v.11 : 
some modules will be there but only compatible with v.9, other only 
compatible with v.10…



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