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Re: OCA project: __unported__ folder considered painful

- Intranusa - ( Temporary )
- 03/11/2015 07:59:41

Dear all,

First, really sorry I dont have intendings to repeat again the topic where I already agreed too, about odoo versioning and V9.

But I see this, just one Impact of above subject. I've read again this thread from begining, and I found that you are all is RIGHT, WONDERFUL, but wonderful also your statements almost all are in OPPOSITE.

Back to when I as contributor or follower from the birth of PHP, Djanggo, etc and than come into CMS period, such WP & Joomla. Nothing so serious like this. Current threat problems usualy COVERRED by separated codes in BACKWARD COMPABILITY and others.

I see this, just like the cases for Subversion and not MAJOR version. It also generating my another question, how in one year next. Our GIT projects will cover too for V7, V8 and porting to V9?


On Mar 11, 2015 5:53 PM, "Leonardo Pistone" <> wrote:
TR;DR for now the proposition to move unported modules back to the
root, leaving only the `` to distinguish them seems

I still support that one day, one-repo-per-module is the way to go. I
want the repository setup to let me do "technical" things like:
- tag the repo with the module version and then check out the tag
- know which repos to get from the module dependencies
- keep separate history
- easily start developing in a personal repo and then propose for
inclusion to OCA without pain

I do not think that repository setup should worry about problems like
- find out which modules a person is responsible for
- find out which modules exist
- find out which modules are ported
... because to do that, you can use a webpage, a readme,
subtrees/submodules, whatever.

On Wed, Mar 11, 2015 at 11:21 AM, Mignon, Laurent
<> wrote:
>> 1. am I the only one to feel the pain of __unported__?

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