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Re: OCA project: __unported__ folder considered painful

Daniel Reis
- 03/11/2015 04:50:26
I have seen people port modules from the 8.0 unported directory, when 
that code was outdated since there were changes on the 7.0 code.
So this ends up being a bad thing.

a) My suggestion is to remove __unported__ directories, and write a 
guide on how to use Git extract a module with history from one branch 
into another (e.g. 7.0  -> 8.0).
How de we know if there are modules to port?  IMO not a real issue, just 
look at the previous branch

b) Another different issue is forward porting features and issues.
I don't think contributors should be obliged to so, but at least an 
Issue should be opened so that we know that a forward port is pending on 
that change.

** On the 1 repository per addon: **

I now also agree on the 1 repository per addon, and I find it a very 
interesting project.
We're not far from having the tools for that, there some decision are 
* A module repo is the module, or contains a directory with a module? 
The second option would allow to bundle a few very closely related 
modules, particularly "auto_install" modules. The first has the problem 
that the repo name should also be the module name, and that may not be 
* Integration tests need to be setup, to figure the impact on the bigger 
picture.  I can see repository for "functional area test scenario", and 
having each module fetch it's functional test scenario and fully test in 
on TravisCI.


> 1. am I the only one to feel the pain of __unported__?

> 2. do you think it is worthwhile to have 7.0 -> 8.0 merges for OCA projects?
> 3. do you have ideas how to tackle the two objectives above (preferably
> without going through a huge reorganisation of our repositories, cf.
> note below)?
> [1] in an ideal world we would have 1 repository per addon, and if you
> don't have a 8.0 branch, then it means the addon is not ported. Period.
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