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Re: Cancel done delivery order

Nhomar Hernandez
- 03/10/2015 18:14:50

2015-03-10 15:21 GMT-06:00 OpenERP Master <>:
Your solution sounds ok to me. I think for some customers or especially european clients or countries that have very strict legal requirements this would be the ultimate solution. On the other hand for some other customers, like American companies that have no such legal requirements this proposed solution would be significantly more technically complex than required to serve the purpose.

I am not agreed, I installed Odoo in something like 14 countires all in America and the requirement on this topic has been the same.

but do it, I feel like you are generalizing with 1 study case without real deeper analysis of the situation and impact, that pretty common on technical consultants, which is right to happen, we try to help you here.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez