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Re: Closing sale orders

AD LIBITOM, michel Guénard
- 03/10/2015 14:37:42
I had the same kind of issue (V7 Saas) for POS orders remaining in a false status. The support added a button under the "more options" menu; this changed the status  to paid.

Support should be able to provide the same kind of function for the SO

Le 10/03/2015 19:02, Marc Cassuto a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
Hi all,

after one year in production, we have almost 15% of the sale orders 
which remain in "Sale Order" state.
After checks, theses orders were fully delivered and fully invoiced.

Do you ever had these issues ?
How did you solve them ?
Is there a module to force close a SO without breaking the workflow ?


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