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Re: Closing sale orders

Ygol InternetWork, Yves Goldberg
- 03/10/2015 14:31:14
This has helped me:
1) go to "procurements", search SO number.
2) In "Extra Information" change those procurement's rule (choose one).
3) Click on "Check Procurement"
4) Once all SO's procurements are in status "done", the SO itself will be in "Done", or in "Shipping Exception" if you have a cancelled delivery.
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From: Marc Cassuto <>
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Subject: Closing sale orders
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:02:59 -0000
Hi all,

after one year in production, we have almost 15% of the sale orders 
which remain in "Sale Order" state.
After checks, theses orders were fully delivered and fully invoiced.

Do you ever had these issues ?
How did you solve them ?
Is there a module to force close a SO without breaking the workflow ?


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