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Re: Cancel done delivery order

Arche TI, Marc Cassuto
- 03/10/2015 08:53:20
Hi all,

I believe we all agree to teach our customers :
* to not delete delete document (IMHO, Odoo is too permissive here, but 
this is another subject)
* how to "delete" things properly
         ** wrong DO => return twice or return + duplicate
         ** wrong account move => reverse the entries
         ** wrong invoice => there is a marvelous wizard to cancel it 
through a credit note
         ** and so on

It remains Kyle and Naran have good points here :
* WH operators make mistakes
* Customers do change their minds (even they already approves 3 versions 
of the quotation)
* Customers also refuse our backorders (for instance because of the 
delivery cost)

And if we want to close the loop, we need to have checkpoints :
* the amount of the invoice must match the amount of the SO
* the quantities shipped have to match the ones of the SO

IMHO, the real question is "can we modify a validated, non-closed SO ?".
In respect of the data integrity of course :
* quantities shipped can not be modified
* quantities not shipped can be removed
* new lines can be added

Did someone has a module for that ?


PS : we can go further: what if the sale process involves manufacturing  ?

On 15-03-10 04:43 AM, Lionel Sausin wrote:
> Le 10/03/2015 05:51, OpenERP Master a écrit :
> > Hello,
> >
> > Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, this does happen and also
> > unfortunately other enterprise software supports this easily and it
> > comes out of box. To give you an example, in Netsuite ERP when you
> > confirm shipment the sale transforms into whats called an item
> > fulfillment.
> Kind of like Odoo's procurements? You can cancel them in Odoo too I think.
> > (...)There is a legitimate business case for the ability to delete a
> > delivery order and recreate it.
> Yes, and most ERPs targetting SMBs have more relaxed data entry rules,
> BUT the price to pay is that they will produce ie. wrong product cost
> when you make a mess of the data.
> That's why the new WMS has pretty strict requirements regarding data entry.
> You must enter data in the same order as the real events they represent,
> and as close to real time as is practically possible. You must never
> delete data, nor fake the data (fake dates, quantities etc.).
> These restrictions let Odoo make somewhat complex computations (real
> product cost for example) with a code base that is just simple enough to
> stand a chance of eventually being correct.
> So if you make that change, be sure to analyse the whole WMS app line by
> line.
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