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Re: Adding a mail.thread on account.move

Camptocamp SA, Frederic Clementi
- 03/10/2015 04:45:57
Stephane, I think this is a good idea. I already had several customers asking for this functionality.

This only limitation I see is that you will not be able to filter moves by user for exemple or see how many moves have been posted by this person or this person. 


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2015-01-09 16:07 GMT+01:00 Luc De Meyer <>:

If you take into consideration the performance issues around e.g. creating moves for large bank statements than I don’t think you should be very carefull and ensure to limit automatically created chatter entries to a small set of journals (e.g. for miscellaneous operations, open & close bookings, accruals, .. ).



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From: Bidoul [mailto:Bidoul]
Sent: vrijdag 9 januari 2015 15:13
To: Community
Subject: Adding a mail.thread on account.move




We are looking at adding a mail.thread on account moves in order to track changes and let accountants collaborate on account moves.


Before starting the development of such a module, we'd like to gather feedback from the community:

* is there already an open source module doing this?

* what would be the best mechanism to track changes on move lines in the tracker of the related account.move (overriding write() on account.move.line comes to mind, is there a better solution?)

* are there any known caveats to foresee (such as performance issues)?


Thanks in advance for any hint or thought.


Best regards,





Stéphane Bidoul

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