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Re: Cancel done delivery order

OpenERP Master
- 03/10/2015 00:51:53
Agreed on the incoming/rules. Clients probably don't think about those kinds of consequences, however I believe that they would be in acceptance to have stock rules off by a few units, which is the usual case.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 11:50 PM, OpenERP Master <> wrote:

Thanks for your input. Unfortunately, this does happen and also unfortunately other enterprise software supports this easily and it comes out of box. To give you an example, in Netsuite ERP when you confirm shipment the sale transforms into whats called an item fulfillment. You can at any time go to the fulfillment and click delete. There is no trouble. You can easily go back to the sales order and click fulfill as many times as you want and the software handles it beautifully. You can even cancel and delete an invoice or both fulfillment and invoice. This creates a very workable workflow from a business process standpoint.

Of course you shouldn't let the users have a free for all, this should be very controlled, and also you should not allow any edit/delete from a closed period, or if there is some other dependency that cannot be reversed.

There is a legitimate business case for the ability to delete a delivery order and recreate it. By not allowing it, it causes severe workflow problems with business users. One could easily say that they are stupid and should do a better job of checking, but in my experience this happens all of the time. Another case would be an order going all the way through to shipment and then the customer has changed their mind. Some businesses care enough to accept the customers request and make these changes. By not allowing the cancellation/deleting it forces a nasty workflow and creation of unnecessary documents.

Every single client I have ever worked with demands this functionality.

On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 11:42 PM, Nhomar Hernández <> wrote:

2015-03-09 20:47 GMT-06:00 OpenERP Master <>:
I assume some would like appreciate this workflow, however this is pretty standard stuff and is one of the most common things I get asked by almost every client.

Be careful, It is pretty "standard" for people who does not care about consistency of the data and _only_ works if the product has not incoming after the move is confirmed.

Some time ago I did a development for that based on a work done by camp2camp for V7.

I decided not share publically such workflow because it encourage a very bad practice, Confirm a Picking must not have a cancelling process because consistency and security reasons.

Bad things happen when you do not understand that.

BTW as I said before there is only 1 case where my statement is false "You just confirm and any product of the picking has any future movement/compromise" but even if you confirm now and cancel day after procurement rules were triggered and you will fase a false planning on the product.

Be careful, If ypou need the development we migrated (based on *_cancel modules done by camp2camp) I can share the link, they are pretty straight forward on v7 and fairly simple, but not absolutly complete, we never finished to be deliverable without take care about functional danger (I think it is the same reason c2c never finished because it is NOT an standard, it is an "exceptional" feature, I recommend as much as you can use teh return process you just mentioned.


Saludos Cordiales
Nhomar Hernandez

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