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Re: Call center CRM and functionalities

- Intranusa - ( Temporary )
- 03/10/2015 00:25:06

Hi Daniel Williams,

Based on my experiences in voip engineering, currently in my opinion, hard to find the middleware framework better than odoo because it will be easiest, cool and greate . I'm sure with this, because 4 years ago I've ever done some call center projects for up to 300 users based on Asterisk in unix & Freeswitch for windows environment.

The hard side, arround  70% energy & times were for developing Contact & CRM codings. As you know, odoo has these all.

Depend on top which technology for hardware you choose, the easier is using voip provider and the other challange using multiple modems by GSM gateway in which your app able to choose automaticaly the cheapest telco providers.

Unfortumately, I dont remember much more detail to implement that. But here are as an sugestion :

1. To establish call center such your expected, see on how messages & chat work on odoo, at least we need such SERVER PUSH protocol. Asterisk/Freeswitch initialize connecting using this mechanism for incoming call. Use odoo RPC service.

2. For outside call, I think you have already imagine or know, a click action of a user will be fire a funcion in odoo server side, and than transmiting it by RPC into Asterisk/Freeswitch.

3. Need voip client side installed & configurated based on such IP address, mac, etc.

4. Of course you should prepare first, by create a module or extension on asterisk/freeswitch side

It will be an interesting project, supported by odoo. Wish you would be able implement this soon.

Warm Regards,

On Mar 10, 2015 10:13 AM, "Daniel Williams" <> wrote:

Hello All,

I am looking  for a call center type operation or functions for the call center industry.  I am looking for something  that can support  robust crm, IVR and other functionalities.

Is there any such solutions already existing within our community or should I begin developing this on my own.

Please advise. 


Daniel Williams

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